Andrew Woodlee

Cybersecurity Engineer

Andrew Woodlee is studying cybersecurity at the University of Alabama in Huntsville with one semester devoted to learning to build and administer Secure Systems. Andrew is also involved in platform development and personal projects.


University of Alabama in Huntsville

Cybersecurity Engineer
– Present

Bachelor, GPA: 3.256

  • CPE 323 - Intro to Embedded Computer Systems

  • CPE 325 - Intro to Embedded Computer Systems Lab

  • CPE 348 - Intro to Computer Networks

  • CPE 353 - Software Design & Engineering

  • CPE 434 - Operating Systems

  • CPE 455 - Secure Software Development

  • CPE 449 - Intro to Cybersecurity Engineering



– Present

Application that allows many commands to be run on many hosts.

  • Allows easy configuration of commands

  • Notifications on completion and failure

  • Allows for commands to be run on many hosts over SSH

  • For any command, especially backup commands

  • Command-line interface

  • Developed using Go

Digital Telepresence

Collaborator at Digital Telepresence
– Present

DTP is an online application suite for the web

  • My blog at is hosted using this software

  • Helped to build a new system from the ground up

  • Independently designed novel solutions with minimal guidance

  • Service-oriented MVVM development and separation of concerns

  • Blogging platform DTP Sites is a Wordpress replacement

  • Custom protocol allows for nodes to communicate with each other


Merit Tuition Scholarship

Awarded by University of Alabama in Huntsville

Andrew earned this scholarship with outstanding performance on the ACT.


Web Development

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Go

Systems and Backend

  • C/C++
  • Go
  • JavaScript
  • MongoDB / No-SQL DBs
  • Python



Native speaker



  • Security
  • Linux
  • Servers
  • Development


  • Birds
  • Photos
  • Walking